Phase I

Curriculum Document Analysis (2013-14)

Our bi-national research team carried out an extensive document analysis of high school social studies curriculum frameworks produced by provincial and state governments. We reviewed thousands of pages from 118 curriculum documents from 10 provinces and 2 territories in Canada and 50 states in the United States. Our primary focus was to investigate whether social studies standards in subjects like economics, history, and sociology addressed the topic of economic inequality and if so, to what extent. Our team coded for how passages framed economic inequality in terms of its causes, effects, and solutions. We also coded for related topics such as wealth distribution, poverty and unemployment, the government’s role in the economy, labor unions, and other social inequalities.


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Phase I: Curriculum Document Analysis (2013-14)
Phase II: Teacher Survey (2014-15)
Phase III: Teacher Interviews (2015-16)
Phase IV: Case Studies (2017-2018)