Phase III

Teacher Interviews (2015-16)

We interviewed 136 teachers in total (95 U.S. and 41 Canadian teachers) using a videoconferencing application. We selected teachers from a pool of Phase II survey respondents who expressed a willingness to discuss their teaching practices around economic inequality. Prior to the interview, each teacher shared a single lesson plan related to economic inequality, providing a focus for the 30-40 minute interview. Interviews were semi-structured and touched on topics ranging from the teacher’s background to their reasons for teaching about economic inequality.

Read about our findings from our survey and interviews in these publications:

Westheimer, J., & Rogers, J. (2017). Teaching about economic inequality is political, but not the way you think. Brown Center Chalkboard, The Brookings Institution.

Westheimer, J., Rogers, J., & Kahne, J. (2017). The politics and pedagogy of economic inequality. PS: Political Science & Politics, 50(4), 1043–1048. (full article available here).

Rogers, J., & Westheimer, J. (2017). Teaching about economic inequality in a diverse democracy: Politics, ideology, and differencePS: Political Science & Politics, 50(4), 1049–1055. (full article available here).


 What’s next?


Phase I: Curriculum Document Analysis (2013-14)
Phase II: Teacher Survey (2014-15)
Phase III: Teacher Interviews (2015-16)
Phase IV: Case Studies (2017-2018)